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RE: [Condor-users] Behaviour of Windows "copy" command?

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Bruce Beckles wrote:

> >
> > Getting at network drives can be tricky under Condor unless you are either running
> > under your own user or your condor user has permissions to access the remote drives.


> I'm not recommending this - it's horrible - just saying that it is a
> possible workaround.

Yup, 'orrible! However, yes shoot the programmer, but hey, you will end up
shooting most windows developers! Lots of windows progs have less than
flexible file paths (and you are lucky to be able to command line run them
at all these days!).

Since the xp pro windows boxes were as "out of the box" as possible, the
standard permissions on c:\windows\temp were indeed the problem.

Creating a c:\temp with full access for all users fixes the problem.

Of course, a per user directory in temp would also be useful for easy
peasy cleaning up afterwards.

Some Mondays are just for hating Windows!



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