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Re: [Condor-users] How to limit disk space usage ?

On 6/29/05, Andrew Mellanby <A.Mellanby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if I'm repeating myself (not sure if this got through last time).
> .
> Does Condor have some way to limit the amount of disk space a job can use up ?
> I am concerned that users may be able to run jobs that use up all available
> diskspace on a PC and therefore cause problems for users who need to log in
> at the console.
> .
> I'm talking about vanilla/java universe jobs running on WindowsXP boxes.
> .
> I see there is a config file entry RESERVED_DISK .. will that actually limit
> the amount of disk available to a job, or is it just used in scheduling ?

There is no mechanism for doing this currently. (it is pretty non trivial)

There was some work going on looking into allowing the starters to
monitor the jobs to see if they have exceeded the limits and killing
them should they do so though I have no idea if that is even ready for
testing or not.

Using your base operating/file system you may limit the condor user
but only at a very coarse grained level. for instance
vm1 may be restricted to X amount in the execute directory (assuming
your system allows recusive quotas since the directory created for it
in there will change each time)

It is possible for jobs to die such that the executing directory is
not cleaned up and condor cannot remove it (I do not know if that is
fixed in 6.6.10) thus any quota may be exceed by a job through no
fault of it's own...

If you are using NTFS you should be able to set _some_ limits on the
condor user(s) condor-reuse-vmX directly...