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RE: [Condor-users] network file access between linux and windows

Title: RE: [Condor-users] network file access between linux and windows
If you want to access data from one machine on another, then the data has to get to the execute machine somehow.
If you do a lot of remote file access, then the data will still pass across the wires, only in lumps at a time, when you
need it, rather than all up front.
For example, if you have a distributed build system and you want to compile a file called X.c which is 10Mb,
you can copy the whole file across and then compile it, or you could use a networked file system so that the
compiler accesses X.c using networked file I/O without having to copy the whole file. All lines of the file
will still have to be copied across however, so I am sure if you monitored it that 10Mb of data would have flowed across
the wire by the end of the execution.
At least, I am fairly certain thats how it would work for a vanilla universe job.
I/O gets more interesting for standard universe jobs, but there are plenty of experts who can clarify that.
In our case, the whole simulation files need to be access by the program. Does it mean that the Samba solution does not prevent data transfer on windows machine ? If yes, is there other solutions. If not, what do you mean by "Data Transfer would therefore not be avoided." ?
thanks a lot