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RE: [Condor-users] condor_collector crashing with Signal 11

> Our 6.7.5 condor_collector daemon began crashing at 9:12 am 
> this morning. The master log has a note saying the daemon is 
> exiting with SIGNAL 11. The CollectorLog has no indication at 
> all while it would be crashing. I know that's not much to go 
> on, but any ideas? There were no changes in the config. The 
> machine has been running 6.7.5 binaries without any problems 
> for about 5 days now.

There is only one suspect, reoccuring message in the CollectorLog on our
master machine:

3/14 11:06:50 DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session
ttc-condorsrv:7819:1110815961:10, failing.

Not sure if this is something that can be fatal or not. Anyone out there

- Ian