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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and port range.

Hi Sanjay,

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know if the CONDOR file transfer mechanism operates on a specific port range (or if you can force it to do this)? For a corporate setup we'd be keen to monitor how much load a cluster was putting on our network and this seems an easy way to filter between what is CONDOR and what is other traffic.

I think this can be done easily by using the HIGHPORT and LOWPORT settings in the condor_config file. This is reparsed at the condor_reconfig commmand and you will find out the changes to be reflected in the log files.

For the changing of the ports of condor_collector and condor_negotiator you can change the values of


to change them from the default values of 9614 and 9618.


Chaitanya V. Hazarey