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[Condor-users] still having problems with multiple user submissions

I still am having problems with multiple users, each on a different submitter, submitting jobs and loadsharing them

I have 2 users, both on different machines (Bob@p4-266) and Oliver Hotz@DXEON, and when i do a condor_userprio i get the follwing:

Last Priority Update:  3/24 14:14
User Name                           Priority
------------------------------      ---------
Bob@ORIGAMI                              0.52
Oliver Hotz@ORIGAMI                      0.62
------------------------------      ---------
Number of users shown: 2

in the beginning.. the priorities were both 0.5 but as soon as one user submits a job, they fluctuate.

In all the condor_config files, i set the variable WANT_VACATE = FALSE and WANT_PREEMPT = FALSE

but also, when i changed it to WANT_VACATE = TRUE, i saw no change in behaviour.

Whoever submits the first job, that ones gets done first, before the other user's job gets picked up.

Any idea how to make it so that the users share the resources evenly?