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[Condor-users] Bad file descriptors?


Installed Condor 6.7.6, and am currently trying to run the example
programs using just one remote client. Not sure how long they are
supposed to take but the first job seems to have run for about half an
hour or so and is still going (I think). I noticed in the workstations
'log' directory on the condor master server, in the StartLog file:

  3/29 13:17:46 StatInfo::fstat64(/dev/stdin) failed, errno: 9 = Bad
  file descriptor
  3/29 13:17:46 StatInfo::fstat64(/dev/stdout) failed, errno: 9 = Bad
  file descriptor
  3/29 13:17:46 StatInfo::fstat64(/dev/stderr) failed, errno: 9 = Bad
  file descriptor

The workstation is running the Linux terminal server project (LTSP)
version 4.1. I can see no obvious problem with /dev/stdin or the others;
they lead off to soft links pointing eventually to (for stdin) /dev/vc/1
which has the attributes:

   crw-------  1 root root  4, 1 Mar 29 13:25 /dev/vc/1

Anyone any ideas as to the problem with the file descriptors?



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