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Re: [Condor-users] limit on input file transfers ????

--On 30 March 2005 09:13 -0600 Nick LeRoy <nleroy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Wed March 30 2005 7:27 am, Dr Ian C. Smith wrote:
Very quick question:

Is there a Condor-imposed limit on the total size of
input files that can be transfered to an execute host or
a limit on the total time it takes to transfer them.

>         -671628160  -  Run Bytes Received By Job

The entire database is ~ 3.5 GB but the largest file in only ~ 500 MB
and there is enough free disk space on the execution host. The negative
value for the bytes transferred suggests a 32 bit addressing limitation
to me.

What version of Condor are you running? Prior to Condor 6.7.2, Condor couldn't handle files larger than 2G, and it's possible that large collections of transfers could have caused problems, too (I don't remember all of the details). These changes never appeared in the 6.6 series.


6.6.5 on all the execution hosts and the submit host, 6.6.9 on the central
manager. Are the input files ZIP'ed (or similar) before staging as with Globus -
I can imagine this could cause problems with a 2GB limit. Any way around this ?

We are looking at making the databases available through remote file system
access ( Novell or similar ). I suspect that the overhead involved in that
may be more than for actually copying the files over though - particularly if the
file staging time can be amortized over many BLAST runs. I think it should be possible
to transfer individual divisions to separate execution hosts on a divide-and-rule
basis. More programming hassle though :-(