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Re: [Condor-users] do I have to use custom classad functions?

On Mon May 2 2005 11:31 am, gregg.cooke@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I -am- looking for realtime monitoring & control and Hawkeye fits the bill
> perfectly!  Had Hawkeye on my list of things to evaluate, but now its at
> the top -- thanks Ian!
> Hawkeye looks like the piece that completes the Condor puzzle for us -- it
> adds a level of control that we expect over our distributed systems.  But
> is it ready for the enterprise?

Hawkeye, at a fundamental level, is really just a way to extent your Condor 
machine ads.  So, the question "is it ready for the enterprise" is really, 
IMHO, just like asking "is Condor ready for the enterprise?", to which I'd 
have to answer "yes".

In re-reading through this thread, it looks like all you really want to do is 
add some custom attributes to your machine ads, right?  If so, then, yes, the 
Hawkeye mechanism is a perfect solution for your problem, and there are a 
good number of sites using it for the same purpose.

-Nick (the original Hawkeye developer)

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