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Re: [Condor-users] Java Universe on XP ?


Double check your condor_config - make sure the path to the java.exe is
correct and also check this setting - JAVA_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS = -server
-Xmx256m. We had to add the above to get java to work properly on Win2k/XP

Good luck.

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I have installed Condor 6.7.6 on my central manage machine (Solaris) and
a client machine (Win XP).
However, the XP machine dosn't seem to advertise itself as java capable:

> depot  mel% condor_findhost -n 2
> vm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> CO-328-001-C.student.vuw.ac.nz
> depot  mel% condor_findhost -n 2 -c HasJava
> ERROR: 2 machines not available

The Java settings (eg. path to jvm) in condor_config appear to be correct.

Any idea how to make this machine accept Java Universe jobs ?



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