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[Condor-users] Win2k Machine with Fixed Load Average of 1.0

I reported a problem about a year ago with some machines always reporting a load average of 1.0, or very close to that. The concensus was these machines were actually doing something - as the standard calculation of load doesn't appear to be broken.

Well, I finally have my hands on one of the offending machines and can do whatever I want with it. I'd like to dig around it guts to figure out why the hell it won't run any jobs for me :)

Any ideas where to start? Do certain services need to be running to have the load calculated properly? This machine has 0% CPU utilzation and a low resident memory usage (~155MB out of 512MB system RAM). There is no reason Condor should calculate its load to be 1, unless the OS is lying to it...

Chris Horn.


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