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[Condor-users] CondorView Server

Title: CondorView Server

Part of our initial testing of Condor for our organisation has been to get the CondorView Server
running. At the moment it appears that there is no data being tranferred from the Central Manager
to the CondorView Server.

CM is running version 6.6.7 on a win2000 server. CondorView is running 6.7.6 on Fedora Core 3
(using RedHat 9 binaries). The test pool is working fine with a mixture of windows and linux boxes
(~45 in total). The CondorView machine has many viewhist* files of zero bytes size. The CollectorLog
file contains lines such as "Accumulating data …", "Cleaning *Ads ….", "Housekeeper: Done Cleaning",

As far as I can tell I've followed the instructions in section 3.11.5 of the manual correctly.

Is it possible to check that the CM is forwarding it's updates to the CV server ion some way?




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