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RE: [Condor-users] Slow response & Meachines Dropping

I am running Condor on Windows 2000/XP and had nice and snappy response times on condor_q and condor_status when using static IP addresses.  When I tried to "make things better" and installed a router and set up DHCP (our little network is being used for a little more than just the cluster now) the response times plummetted and nodes would come and go in condor_status.  I recently switched back to static IPs and it's all running much better.

I don't know what the issues actually were or if they would be the same on Linux.


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>Can't send UPDATE_COLLECTOR_AD to collector (condor.cs.wisc.edu): Failed to
>send UDP update command to collector
>I am puzzled by this as I thought I had disabled all communication with

After you changed the configuration as documented in 
did you do a reconfig? If not, could you fix that and see if it helps?


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