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Re: [Condor-users] Not fully able to start jobs - permissions?

The starter on your execute machine is trying to open files in the spool directory of your submit machine. I'm guessing your pool is configured to have a shared filesystem and you submitted the job with the -r or -s argument to condor_submit.

Yes, you're right! We're using '-r' the way that we were in Condor 6.2. Comparing notes with others, it looks like we should be using '-n' to get the same results as we were before. Initial testing shows this seems to be working.

Can you elaborate a bit on '-r' vs '-n'?

The easiest way to fix this is to set should_transfer_files to YES in your submit file. This tells Condor to always transfer a job's files between the submit and execute machines, rather than assume they're accessible via a share filesystem.

Good to know ... if '-n' doesn't solve our problems, I'll try this. Thanks for your help Jaime!