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[Condor-users] Fresh install from a newbie

Hi all

I have a LOT of question, especially about the configuration I should use to run a condor grid on my network : first, I'll explain what I'd like to do, then I'll go through the "Global configuration file" and "Local configuration file" to ask which settings I should use (if you're not bored with my email until then...)

First, we use NFS on our network, so that each time a user goes on /nfs/XXXX, this refers to a NFS disk.
We also use NIS, so each user is referenced once on the NIS server, then each computer refers to this NIS server's /etc/passwd file.
I created a user "condor", who can access all the network, whose home directory is on the central manager, but accessible through the nfs with /nfs/condor.
The computers belong to a network called mylab.myfirm.com, like mycomp1.mylab.myfirm.com, mycomp2.mylab.myfirm.com, etc... but the correct email addresses are username@xxxxxxxxxx 

For now, we have around 20-30 machines to make calculations, and let's say 10 workstations (that we don't want to be "execute" machine : this might change later, but let's go step-by-step).

I plan to use a checkpoint server, which could be referred to as /nfs/checkpoint, so that it can be accessible through the network...

Now, I tried to install Condor 6.7.7, and started with the central_manager, following the manual : 
(from /home/condor on the manager)
>tar xfzv condor-6.7.7-linux-x86-glibc23-dynamic.tar.gz
>cd condor-6.7.7
>condor_ configure --install --type=submit,execute,manager --owner=condor 

OK, now everything seems fine : I tried some settings with the global config file, then tried to install an execute machine, but had especially problems with directories used (like RELEASE_DIR, LOCAL_DIR, etc...), that's why I'm now asking to those of you who understand my case...

Here are the questions : 
In the Global config file : 
- RELEASE_DIR : is by default set to /usr/local/condor : should I set it to the /home/condor (location of condor user's home) or /nfs/condor (the same, but accessible through NFS), or something else ?

- LOCAL_DIR : as is it linked to RELEASE_DIR, if it's on the NFS, that means I need a huge place (to store spool ??), right ?

- LOCAL_CONFG_FILE : seems to be automatically set during install... must it be accessible through NFS ? (in this case I have to change it...)

- USE_NFS : IMHO, should be True...

- LOCK : as my LOCAL_DIR (might) is on the NFS, I should set it as something like /tmp/condor, right ? or any better idea ?

- DEFAULT_DOMMAIN_NAME : should I set it to mylab.myfirm.com, or myfirm.com, or let it by default ?

Now, what about the local config file :
- RELEASE_DIR : does this have to refer to /nfs/condor (the home of the condor user on the manager), or must it be a local file, or anything else ?
- LOCAL_DIR : same question

- CONDOR_ADMIN : this was automatically set to root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but it doesn't exist !! (or never checked...) : should I change it with the email address of condor (my email) ?

The final question is, when I setup other machines than the manager : do I have to create each time a /home/condor directory, and setup the condor client there ? do I have to configure also each time the Global Config file AND the Local Config file again ? Will some settings be automatically set by the installer ?

I really read through the manual, but as I'm quite new with cluster-thing, I might not have clearly understood some things, that's why my questions could seem so basic..

So, thank you if you take some time to help me.


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