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Re: [Condor-users] Re: attribute customization

On 5/20/05, Greg Fossheim <gfossheim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if it is possible to add custom attributes to the ClassAd
> for the worker machines?


redirects to
Allows any DaemonCore daemon to advertise arbitrary expressions from
the configuration file in its ClassAd. Give the comma-separated list
of entries from the configuration file you want in the given daemon's
ClassAd. Frequently used to add attributes to machines so that the
machines can discriminate between other machines in a job's rank and
These settings are synonyms; you can use them interchangably or use
both. For example, STARTD_ATTRS and STARTD_EXPRS are interchangable.

NOTE: The condor_ kbdd does not send ClassAds now, so this entry does
not affect it. The condor_ startd, condor_ schedd, condor_ master, and
condor_ collector do send ClassAds, so those would be valid subsystems
to set this entry for.

SUBMIT_EXPRS not part of the SUBSYS_EXPRS, it is documented in section 3.3.13 

The condor_ startd $(STARTD_ATTRS) defaults to ``JobUniverse''. 

Because of the different syntax of the configuration file and
ClassAds, a little extra work is required to get a given entry into a
ClassAd. In particular, ClassAds require quote marks (") around
strings. Numeric values and boolean expressions can go in directly.
For example, if the startd is to advertise a string macro, a numeric
macro, and a boolean expression, do something similar to:

        STRING = This is a string 
        NUMBER = 666
        BOOL1 = True
        BOOL2 = CurrentTime >= $(NUMBER) || $(BOOL1)
        MY_STRING = "$(STRING)"


in addition you have

When the machine is claimed by a remote user, the startd can also
advertise arbitrary attributes from the job ClassAd in the machine
ClassAd. List the attribute names to be advertised. NOTE: Since these
are already ClassAd expressions, do not do anything unusual with

these two should do all you need