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[Condor-users] condor_status problems

Title: condor_status problems

Hi All

We're setting up condor for testing at the moment and have the following configs.

2 central managers, CM1 windows 2000 server condor 6.6.7, CM2 RH EL 3 condor 6.7.7

condor_status -pool from CM1 to CM2 OK, but from CM2 to CM1 no results come back and
the following error appears in the CollectorLog on CM1.

5/24 18:07:22 DaemonCore: PERMISSION DENIED to unknown user from host <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9657> for command 5 (QUERY_STARTD_ADS)

A query from another machine (FC3 condor 6.7.7) to CM1 works OK.

Any ideas? Thanks



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