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[Condor-users] shared filesystem job rejected bc of my requirements

I have two job submission files with identical requirements in the Requirements = line, and one runs fine, the other is always rejected because of requirements.  The main difference I can see is that the one that works uses file transfer (the executable is a shell script that calls other binaries on the shared filesystem), whereas the one that doesn’t work has file transfer turned off (the executable is a shell script on the shared filesystem, data is also there, along with the other binaries).  The UidDomain and FileSystemDomain should be set correctly, as the first job (which does use files on the shared filesystem) works, as do other jobs using this set of requirements.


I’ve tried the following things:

  1. Removing output = and error = lines from the submit file.
  2. Setting transfer_executable = false
  3. Removing the log = line


Any ideas?