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[Condor-users] unhandled DEFAULT_PRIO_FACTOR ?

Hello, List!
We're running a condor pool with condor 6.6.9. Collector/Negotiator is a
RH9 machine.
We want to change DEFAULT_PRIO_FACTOR to say 10. We add this to
condor_config file.
After doing so, we've condor_reconfigure'ed the entire pool and the
col/neg. machine.

The result of this operation succeeded for some extent:
after running condor_config_val DEFAULT_PRIO_FACTOR we got: 10 - on both
compute nodes and the collector. nice.
but not enough: after we've started jobs for NEWLY created users ( such
that never run jobs and didn't apear in the output of:
condor_userprio -all -l
Well, the resulted users had the same old 1 in
PriorityFactor<CONDOR_UID> entry.

And If we "manually" use condor_userprio -setfactor user value - it
Are we doing anything wrong ?
Does it work for anybody in the 6.6.9 version ?

Advice is appreciated,
Best regards.

Maxim Kovgan
phone 972-4-8293864
DSL Lab, Technion