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[Condor-users] Multi-query for completed jobs


I want to determine programatically (in C) if any job of a number of jobs is completed / failed. I have a list of the job names, as well as according log files. Currently I see three possibilities for doing this:

1.) Go iteratively through all logfiles and search for the "Finish" term. This might be optimized by checking the modification time of the files.
2.) Ask iteratively condor_history until it finds at least one job to be completed. It is possible to give multiple job ID's to condor_history in the query ("-constraint"), but with a large set of jobs I might run into a problem with the maximum length of a command line.
3.) Ask iteratively condor_q and wait until at least one of the jobs is removed from the queue.

I experienced some bad performance with condor_history in Condor 6.7.12., some maybe number 1 is the most appropriate solution ? Any other ideas ?

Thank you,
Peter Tröger.