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[Condor-users] Condor & octave.

>yes, it is possible to run octave in the standard
>I have octave 2.1.69 relink with condor.
>There are some problems to "condor_compile" octave :
>* configure octave without MPI and HDF =
>* condor_compile doesn't work out of the box, you
must >do the link
>yourself (remove -fp-ieee -lm from the command line)
>* resolve symboles by changing order of the libs
>* my version of ld hangs if the resulting binaries
are >to large, if ld
>exit with no message, try :
>--no-keep-memory and -S
>* there is some multiple definitions of symboles :
>if you use this option, take care to the order of
>objects and libs
>* to avoid automatique link with the system libs (we
>want to link with
>condor's libs), you could use :
>if you have some troubles I could send you my script
>to build octave
>(with comments in french).
Thank you very much, and if you like to send me your
script, it would be greet (because I'm a newbie with
octave, and I haven't understood very much.)!!! Anyway
I'm going now to working on it. My e-mail address is 


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