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Re: [Condor-users] Order of selection of machines in condor pool

> I recently added 40 fast nodes to my pool of what had been 
> just 14 slow nodes.  The 40 fast nodes seem to be working OK. 
> However, when the pool is mostly idle, it seems like it is 
> very often the slow nodes that match first.  for example, 
> there are 16 jobs running at the moment and all but one of 
> them have matched on the slow nodes that were in the pool at first.
> So what is the scheduling algorithm that is being used?  As 
> far as I know any node in the pool would meet the requirements of
> these jobs equally well.   I verified by submitting 100 jobs that
> all the nodes are in fact able to accept and run jobs.  It's 
> obviously not a round-robin scheduler.  What would make the bias?

I don't know the exact algorithm of scheduling, but if you put "rank = mips"
into your submission-file the fastest (most Mips) of your available machines
will be used for the jobs.

Thomas Bauer