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Re: [Condor-users] condor_config_val not helpful reporting variables

$ condor_config_val CurrentTime
condor_config_val CurrentTime
Not defined: CurrentTime

I'm sure when condor needs CurrentTime it gets it, but condor_config_val
doesn't find it, nor any other variables not explicitly defined in the
condor_config file.  And for those defined it won't do the computation
but simply reports the definition:

$ condor_config_val benchmarktimer
(CurrentTime - LastBenchmark)

CurrentTime isn't a configuration variable, it is a special ClassAd variable. It is only instantiated when evaluating a ClassAd expression.

Some configuration variables contain expressions that are evaluated in a ClassAd, but the ClassAd variables cannot be looked up in the configuration file.

It can be confusing to distinguish ClassAd variables from configuration variables--sorry about that!