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[Condor-users] CFW: HPDC 2006 Workshops


The HPDC 2006 Workshop Chair and Organizing Committee invite proposals
for the workshop program of the 15th International Conference on High
Performance Distributed Computing. The workshop program will be held
on June 19th and 20th  in Paris prior to the main conference. For
details of the main conference see: http://hpdc.lri.fr/

Workshops provide a forum for people to discuss areas of special
interest within High Performance Distributed Computing with
like-minded researchers and practitioners. Workshops afford the
participants the opportunity to examine an area with a selected focus
in an open environment for the free exchange of views. To foster
interaction, the workshops are limited to 30-50 participants.

Important Workshop Dates:

    * November 20, 2005 : Workshop Proposals Deadline (23.59 GMT)
      (you are welcome to contact the workshop chair
       before submitting a proposal)
    * December 1, 2005 : Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
    * December 10, 2006 : Workshop Calls Online (by the organizers)
    * April 22, 2006: Final Manuscrit (for IEEE HPDC proceedings)

Proposal Submission Process:

Please contact the workshop chair Pascale Vicat-Blanc to propose a workshop.

We solicit workshops in all areas related to High Performance
Distributed Computing. In particular we would like to encourage
workshops focused on new and emerging research directions, novel and
highly innovative themes, scientifical, industrial or medical topics
and interdisciplinary themes.
The workshop proposal should be a maximum of 2 pages.

Proposal Content:

Workshop proposals should include:
    * Name of workshop and proposed URL of site to host CFP, program etc.
    * Theme of the workshop and topics of interest and how these
      relate to the overall conference
    * Names, affiliations, and research interest of the organizers
    * Who do you expect to attend the workshop?
    * How do you plan to attract submissions and/or participants?
    * Number of participants that is expected?
    * What is the expected outcome of the workshop?
    * How the workshop will be synergistic with HPDC
      (technical area, community)?
    * How do you plan to organize the workshop
      (participant selection, time line, type of contributions)?
    * How do you plan to run the workshop?

Workshop Organisation:

      We encourage having an international team of organizers for a
workshop who are from different institutions. We will aim for a
balanced workshop program trying to avoid overlapping themes.
Organizers are expected to be active themselves in the field where
they propose a workshop. Please feel free to discuss ideas for a
workshop proposal by email with the workshop chair prior to

        HPDC2006 Workshops are a complementary forum to the main
conference, encouraging the presentation and discussion of work in
progress and facilitating a dialogue on emerging topics in small
groups. Workshop sessions will provide inspiring and influencing
discussion on a variety of topics.

      Workshop registration will be at a reduced price for HPDC2006