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[Condor-users] Number of computes limitation

Title: Number of computes limitation

We just set up a 128 node (dual CPU's so 256 node) Linux/Condor 6.6.10 cluster and seem to be running into problems with the head node handing out work to the compute nodes. It looks like the head node won't hand out more that 70 or 80 jobs at time, and will wait for those 70 or 80 jobs to complete before handing out other jobs in the queue?

We have a test cluster of 75 nodes and have no problems with that so I am wondering if we are hitting some limitation with Condor itself, handling more than 70 - 80 nodes per head node?

Technical specs:

Compute nodes: 128 dual Xeons @ 3.6ghz, 3gb RAM
Head Node: dual Xeon @ 3.6ghz, 3gb RAM


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