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Re: [Condor-users] my jobs won't run on my pool :(

> I have problems running some jobs on my pool : here are 3 examples : 2
> from the net, one from our lab.
> 1st job : uname.sh
> guiot@chagall:~/tmp/TestCondor/JobPerso$ more uname.sh
> #!/bin/bash
> # Print the machine name we ran on
> uname -n
> guiot@chagall:~/tmp/TestCondor/JobPerso$

> 007 (110.000.000) 10/21 15:39:03 Shadow exception!
>         Error from starter on vrubel.galaxy.ibpc.fr: Failed to execute
> '/ibpc/chagall/guiot/tmp/TestCondor
> /JobPerso/uname.sh condor_exec.exe': Permission denied

Can you run uname.sh from the command line?  Does this script have
execute permissions?  (If not, 'chmod 755 uname.sh' and try again.)
Ditto for your second example.

> 3nd job : This is a bit different : this is a job one of my user had
as a
> script, that I tried to convert into a condor_submit format file

Try making the script more verbose and set output as well as error in
your submit file.  Then hopefully the script can tell you where it's
failing.  And always make sure you can run the script locally first. :-)

Best of luck,

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