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[Condor-users] Submitting machine attributes available?

We have a need to examine the attributes of the machine a job is
submitted from, to determine which if any pool machines the job is
allowed to run on. Specifically we need disk space.

I'm pretty sure this isn't available in basic Condor, and haven't looked
at Hawkeye in depth because we're stuck in a Windows shop.  We want to
test if a submitting machine is capable of accepting submitted jobs, and
if not, we don't want jobs from the submitting machine to be accepted in
turn.  In our case we need a certain minimum amount of free disk space
to run jobs, but some users fill up that drive and therefore can't
accept jobs but can use Condor to submit jobs.

Ralph Finch, P.E.
Dept. of Water Resources
Bay-Delta Office, Room 215-13
Sacramento, CA  95814