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Re: [Condor-users] file transfer

Are you running the condor_submit command from within the directory
containing the files to be transfered? Also note, our cluster runs on
Linux and file names are case sensitive. 

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Hy to everybody.
I'm in trouble again testing my condor pool. I need to
submit a job with file transfer with condor 6.7.12, I
read the manual, and I wrote a submit file like the
one in the manual, but when i launch the condor_submit
the output is: ERROR Can't open "<file1> <file2>
<file3>" with flags 00 (No such file or directory).
I've looked for a solution with google, but I can't
find it ( and because I'm in my university I can't
also access the mailing list because i can't use
secure connections ). Can anybody help me? Thank you
very much.


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