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[Condor-users] condor performance


I'm having a minor problem with condor performance -- I've setup my
local cluster machines with condor.   I haven't done very
much configuration, only setup a central machine which negotiates and
collects the requests for jobs and job submission is possible from any
member node.  Everything works with this, jobs can be submitted, they
are run and are successful. 

However, one problem that remains is that none of the condor submitted
jobs generate a load of more than 30% on the CPU that it is running on.
This is regardless of whether the machine has interactive activity or
not.    The net result is that jobs that take 20 minutes to run at a
high priority take 4-5 hours.

I'm not sure what other details are important.  I haven't modified any
of the startd policy settings from default and I'm running on RH EL 3
class machines.  Condor is setup to run as the user daemon.  Is there
something simple I can do to boost the performance of condor? 

If this question is already addressed, could you please point me to the
url...I was unable to find an answer in a quick search of the archive.

Thanks in advance,
jeff mcdonald 

Jeffrey McDonald, PhD                   High Energy Physics
518 Keen Building                       jeffrey.mcdonald@xxxxxxxxxxx
Physics Department                      phone: 850-644-4539
Florida State University                fax:   850-644-6735
Tallahassee, FL 32303