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Re: [Condor-users] Help:How to change the arguments in the submit file?

You can do something like this:

Arguments = arg1 arg2 arg3...
Queue 1
Arguments = arg1' arg2' arg3' ...
Queue 1

Just list all the different input arguments you need to run and queue a different job for each of them.

On 9/5/05, 鲁敏 <lumiousy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
     I have to run a program with a lot of different arguments, but i don't know how to change them  automatically.
     Could anybody help me please?
     for example: the program test.exe have 5 arguments, the first is constant 5,the second varies from 0 to 100, so does the third and the forth.How can i write the submit file to let the job run with different arguments by themselves .
        I am looking forward to it!!! Thank you!!!


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