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RE: [Condor-users] idle jobs

> Yes, I have set NIS domain.
> However, it dose not work.
> when I set
> RESERVED_SWAP=0  as hints from ScheduleLog
> it works , however, the job is killed everytime.
> the ShadowLog:
> -----------------------------
> 9/7 16:25:49 (?.?) (24024):******* Standard Shadow starting up *******
> 9/7 16:25:49 (12.0) (24024):     Weird 0xc2c71657

Isn't that a great error message?  :-)

The problem is that the default 'universe' is the standard universe,
which gives you checkpointing and remote IO.  You have to re-link your
job for this to work.  Since you're submitting /bin/date, you want to

universe = vanilla

in your submit file.  This tells condor that you're submitting a regular
old binary.  (Which makes one wonder why this isn't the default...)

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