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[Condor-users] Talking to a execution node from outside the Clusters private network.

Dear All,
I have a condor cluster which is working fine. But I am having trouble
talking to the cluster with a submit node which is not in the clusters
internal/private network space.

The master and schedd daemons are running ok.  The problem system is a
test node for use outside of the master and execution nodes network and
is only capable of connecting directly to the external interface on the
master and not the internal nodes.
Do any of you have any submit nodes that are outside of the
master/cluster nodes network that can submit jobs to the cluster(s)?
Do you know if the submit node needs to communicate directly with the
execution node? And if so how best to do this with a node not inside the
clusters network.

I am running condor 6.6.10 and so can not use GCB which may have been
the ideal way otherwise.

Any and all help much appreciated.

Best Regards,