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[Condor-users] MyProxy username


I'm using Condor 6.7.10. I've noticed that Condor defines option "-l root" in myproxy-get-delegation command. Example from Gridmanager log:

9/14 14:36:59 [4770] Calling /home/globus/globus/libexec/myproxy-logon.condor -v -o /tmp/x509up_p3145.file6rDmYd.1 -s myproxy.server -d -t 12 -S -l root -p 7512 -k condorG

This is a problem because MyProxy credential is usually stored under user's name (e.g. -l someuser). So, when Condor tries to retrieve user's proxy, it fails with following message:

Failed to receive credentials.
No appropriate authorization data available
Cannot create authorization response.

Currently, we instruct our users to create proxy as user root:
myproxy-init -x -r <schedd_DN> -k <cred_name> -l root

Is there a way to prevent setting this option?

Thanks in advance,