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Re: [Condor-users] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!probles running multiple jobs on multiple machines!!!!!!!!!!!

without removing that thing it is working but the main thing is it is taking time firstly it  finished the jobs on first machine and after some time it started to execute the other machines job........

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Remove the second change i.e.CONDOR_HOST,  and then try.

On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 21:23 -0800, itpals wrote:

                             Urgent Help Required






   I have installed condor 6.6.9 on two machines successfully let say machine1 and machine2.I made machine1 as central manager and machine2 as submit/execute machines so on machine2'scondor_config.local I did following two changes so that it points to central manager-


 echo 'DAMEON_LIST = MASTER,STARTD,SCHEDD'>>/tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local

 echo 'CONDOR_HOST = machine1.domain.com' >> tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local


After that I restarted the condor by command




     So for testing I submitted the 10 jobs on machine1 and they executed fine, same test on machine2...and got success ...after that I submitted the 10-10 jobs on machine1 and machine2 simultaneously so on which machine I submitted the jobs firstly all get executed but the other machine's job idle for all the time....and if I check using command


          Condor_q -analyze cluster no.


then it shows that job is rejected due to some unknown reason........


Can anybody help me to solve this problem................?




Thanks in Advance...............................

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