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Re: [Condor-users] Flocking drawback

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the problem has passed and condor eventually
matched my jobs after a few hours. I don't have what you ask. 
Anyway, I never said that condor matched the jobs with the machines, the
machines just appear claimed for some small time and then go back to
unclaimed, simultaneously, the vanilla jobs of the other user appear running
on those machines or [?????????????] and then back into idle status again. 
The thing is that during the time condor needs to realized the requirements
are not met, my jobs miss their chance!


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> On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 11:26:05PM -0500, Thomas Materna wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have major problems with flocking. I have a pool A of 3 computers 
> > sharing a filesystem. I have a pool B of 20 computers not 
> sharing the 
> > same file system as the pool A. A flocks to B. I have a 
> bunch of jobs 
> > submitted from A in standard universe but I have a very bad 
> priority 
> > since I've been doing that a lot lately. Another user also 
> has whole bunch of jobs submitted to A.
> > But his are in vanilla universe, he added in his submit file a 
> > requirement of the type
> > ((Machine==A1) || (Machine==A2)...) where A1, A2 are the 
> machines in 
> > the pool A.
> >  
> > Well, he will never run on pool B, but he prevents me from 
> running on it!!!!
> > What happens is that at every cycle, having a better priority, he 
> > claims all the machines in pool B, my jobs can hence not do 
> so. Only 
> > then the jobs reject the machines for not meeting the 
> requirement. I 
> > have 20 machines doing nothing!
> >  
> > How can I get around that? Is there a way to avoid the jobs 
> claiming 
> > machine they won't accept to run on anyway? If not, I 
> consider it a major flaw.
> Condor will not match jobs with machines that do not meet the 
> requirements of the job. Can you give an example of a job 
> (condor_q -l jobid) and a machine (condor_status -name 
> <machinename> -l) that matched that shouldn't have? 
> -Erik
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