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Re: [Condor-users] condor_q summary info

With around 2000 jobs in the queue, condor_q with no arguments takes over
a minute. This is ok but it seems to block quick queries which have the
clusterid as the argument. All I`m interested in is the summary
information of total number of jobs running and idle - is there a cheap
way to get this.
condor_status -schedd
doesn`t help because these are CondorG(gt2) jobs.

6.7.12 will be released very soon. (6.7.11 was cut, but not officially released, due to a last minute bug we found.)

6.7.12 has something called Quill. If you are willing to also install a PostgreSQL server, condor_q can talk to Quill instead of the schedd. It will run faster and will not block the schedd. This should solve your problem.

A lighter solution is to use one of:

condor_status -schedd
condor_status -sub

Take a look at the long (-l) output if you prefer. This will help you get summary output quickly, without talking to the schedd.

Either one of these solutions should help you.