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[Condor-users] error 1067 (the most obvious newbie user problem :))


Sorry for bothering you with this one, but I'm desperate, and I yet found only unanswered questions of exactly the same
issue on this list.

I'm trying to start condor_master on a (supposed) master machine with all the same success. :( I'm getting the following:

9/29 01:21:23 ******************************************************
9/29 01:21:23 ** condor_master (CONDOR_MASTER) STARTING UP
9/29 01:21:23 ** C:\Condor\bin\condor_master.exe
9/29 01:21:23 ** $CondorVersion: 6.6.10 Jun 22 2005 $
9/29 01:21:23 ** $CondorPlatform: INTEL-WINNT50 $
9/29 01:21:23 ** PID = 1636
9/29 01:21:23 ******************************************************
9/29 01:21:23 Using config file: C:\Condor\condor_config
9/29 01:21:23 Using local config files: C:\Condor/condor_config.local
9/29 01:21:23 bind failed: WSAError = 10038
9/29 01:21:23 Failed to bind to command ReliSock9/29 01:21:23 (Your system network settings might be invalid.)9/29 01:21:23 ERROR "BindAnyCommandPort failed" at line 6009 in file ..\src\condor_daemon_core.V6\daemon_core.C

I also tried to specify my computer's ip address using NETWORK_INTERFACE, but it didn't help. (It's a Win2K (workstation) OS.)

I read on the Optena site (there's a nice Condor section) that Condor is sensitive to DNS issues (ip address <-> hostname translation), and they suggest either to have a DNS server or a properly set up hosts file (which I have). Unfortunately I'm not a network expert, so I don't know how would I get "full domain names" for machines in a local network.

Thanks in advance,

Imre Tuske