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Re: [Condor-users] Newbie ClassAds question

Darin Kalisak wrote:

I'd like to know if I'm missing information about machine class ads.

I know how to create a class ad for a job - make a text file, submit
it, sit back and wait for results (or errors).  But as far as I can
tell, the class ad for a machine is derived (entirely?) from the
config file on that machine.  It also seems that the parameters
defined in that file don't always match with the named attributes I
see with condor_status -l, and that multiple lines of the file can
contribute to one attribute in the ad.  Lastly, I don't see a built-in
tool or command for changing class ads directly.  Is the only way to
change machines' class ads to look up parameters' uses and values,
changing them, and restarting the machine to affect changes in the
next condor_status -l command?  If so, that's fine, I'll keep fiddling
with them.  But if there's a better way, I'd sure like to know it.



PS - my particular problem is that one of the machines in my prototype
pool lists "requirements = FALSE", and I haven't been able to get it
to run anything at all, despite changing several lines of the config

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You might look at the condor_config_val command, which lets you query and change values on the fly.


If your requirements evaluates to false in the machine classad, it seems likely that there's a syntax error in the requirements expression. Why don't you post that expression from the condor_config for everyone to look at?

- dave