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Re: [Condor-users] Jobs will not run in another pool

> I've tried the same sort of thing before with no success, and I know 
> there was no communications issue.

Another thing to check is that you have set
FLOCK_FROM at one end and FLOCK_TO at the other.

I don't know how the various HOST_ALLOW settings interact with flocking,
maybe they could interfere.

> It seems that flocking negotiations do not work in this way.

Don't work in what way?

> If you specify requirements that can be met 
> only by machines in the other pool, Condor never seems to match them.

I am fairly certain that I have been able to do this without problem in the past,
but haven't the ability to test it just now.

A year or so back we setup secure flocking between different institutions in UK.
Since our application was to build lumps of s/w on different architectures, our
jobs had to move to different pools which satisfied those archtectures to match.
Only one pool had Solaris nodes for instance.