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Re: [Condor-users] Jobs will not run in another pool

Do all of the machine ClassAds really have an attribute named "HOSTNAME"? If not, then the plain != operator will return UNDEFINED, and you will get no match. You may want to use =!= if some machines don't have the attribute in their ClassAd.


Junaid N. Sahibzada wrote:


I flocked a job to another pool using the following cmd file

executable      = HADAMeanFilter
universe        = vanilla

Requirements   =  HOSTNAME != caudate-nh.nsw.cmis.csiro.au
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

transfer_input_files = ResampledProstate7.out.nostripes.raw,HADAPatient007_DBR_256x349x348_CAutHomgnty.data.plot, HADAPatient007_DBR_256x349x348_CAutHomgnty

notification    = COMPLETE
notify_user     = Oscar.AcostaTamayo@xxxxxxxx
output          = output.HADAMeanFilterI.vanilla.dynamic
error           = error.HADAMeanFilterI.vanilla.dynamic
log             = log.HADAMeanFilterI.vanilla.dynamic
arguments = -n ResampledProstate7.out.nostripes.raw -x 256 -y 349 -z 348 -r 0 -s 8 -L 64 -q 0 -t 255 -K 2 -u 3 -v 3 -w 3 -o HADAPatient007_DBR_256x3
49x348_CAutHomgnty -m 2 -X 20 -c 5 -A 1 -T 0.125 -E 0.0001 -I 0 -H 1 -Z 0

my job is stuck in the queue and is not executing although there is a load full of resources available.

you can check that over here http://condorview.csiro.au/

the reason i have placed the requirement is because i wanted to check flocking.

so i have said that run on any machine except caudate-nh( which is the only machine in my pool right now. i have turned off the rest of them).

any problems?

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