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[Condor-users] "condor_status" - No Output ?!

Hi Guys,
While configuing condor that comes with the full NMI package version 8, having problems getting otput from condor_status. I'm not getting any output & the prompt comes back..
When I checked the condor processes running, I noticed that condor_startd is not running... I get a Java Heap error when I try to start it up..
# condor_startd
# Unable to mmap Java heap of requested size, perhaps the maxdata value is too large - see Java README.HTML for more information.
Unable to allocate an initial java heap of 2147483648 bytes.
**Out of memory, aborting**
*** panic: JVMST016: Cannot allocate memory for initial java heap
Any idea is much appreciated..
Thanks a lot..

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