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Re: [Condor-users] Automatically detecting job completion and file transfer

We invoke condor_wait for this.

I am not sure if there are better alternatives to this.

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Jon Blower wrote on 04/12/2006 03:33 PM:
Dear all,

This question has probably been asked before but I haven't been able to find
an answer on Google or the mailing list archives.  I'm writing a Java
program that submits jobs to a Condor pool.  The Java program runs on a
submit host and generates job description files that look like this:

executable = /home/jon/bin/helloworld
universe = vanilla
input = stdin
output = stdout
error = stderr
log = condor.log
initialdir = /some/directory

I submit the job by calling condor_submit from Java's Runtime.exec() method.
This bit works fine.
My problem is detecting categorically when the job has completed *and* the
output files (stdout and stderr) have been transferred back to the submit
host.  My first stab at the Java program detects the status of the job
("submitted", "running", "complete") by parsing the log file that is
produced.  It also gets the exit code of the executable from this log file.

To detect job completion, my program looks for the "005" event ("Job
terminated") in the log file.  However, it seems that this event is sent to
the log file *before* the contents of the stdout and stderr files are
transferred to the submit host.  If I check the length of the stdout and
stderr files on the submit host (using the length() method of java.io.File)
they both report zero immediately after the "005" event is detected in the
log file.  If I wait a few seconds, the length() method reports the correct
length, indicating that these files (or at least their contents) are
transferred a few seconds after the "005" event.

Does Condor send any notifications (to the log file or elsewhere) that
happen categorically after the job is finished and the files have been
transferred to the submit host?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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