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[Condor-users] Queue problems


We're running condor 6.7.18 and have noticed a problem when we add a
machine requirement to the submit file.  We have a submit file like

Executable     = hello.sh
Universe       = vanilla
Output         = hello.out
Log            = hello.log
Requirements   = (machine == "xxx1")
Queue 10

hello.sh just echoes hello and sleeps for 30 seconds.  If we submit this
job and then change to machine xxx2 and submit again, we don't get any 
jobs run on xxx2 until all the jobs on xxx1 have completed.  From what I
can tell, when we submit jobs this way condor stops trying to match
jobs in the queue after it rejects a job.  So since xxx1 has 4 vm's it
condor will start 4 jobs on it, then see it can't run the next job, and
then just skip the rest of the queue instead of trying to match the jobs
than should be able to run on xxx2.  If we take out the machine
requirement condor does run jobs simultaneously on xxx1 and xxx2 as

Could this be a configuration error of some sort or is this a bug with