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Re: [Condor-users] Fwd: A few basic questions and a modest suggestion

On 4/18/06, Darin Kalisak <whognu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all.
> My apologies if this is a repeat, but it appears to me that it did not
> go through to the listserv the first time I sent it.

To avoid any other confusion for gmail users (of which I am one)

Gmail silently hides emails it deems are from yourself if there is no
corresponding conversation they are part of. I know of know way of
preventing this. Bizarrely this does not apply to the pop3 feed which
happily supplies your message. I can only assume it is an aspect of
the web viewing application.

This can be a little confusing since you cannot tell if your mail got
through to the list.

I have no simple solution to this - I have access to another source of
updates so can always check there if I am worried. You can search the
archives for your post to see if it came through, I don't know the
update frequency on that bit to know how long you would have to wait
to be sure...

Hope that helps.

Incidentally I am a big -- to the web forum idea. I can view these
mails from where ever I can get mail *or*  web access. I can pick what
viewer I use and how I manage conversations/users etc.

Forums remove this capability and force you to use whatever UI model
the developers decided on (as well as loose / make you reinvent the
concept of read messages/notifications/digests that a decent mailing
list provides).

On a subjective note I have generally found mailing lists to have
better signal to noise ratios :)