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[Condor-users] spreading I/O bound processes across a cluster


Suppose I have 12 quad-processor machines, each with a large local disk and a commonly-mounted NFS partition. I setup a big Condor experiment, where, 20 processes will (at some stage, most often simultaneously) be doing a lot of I/O to the aforementioned large local disk.

Is there a simple way to get Condor to evenly spread this I/O bound process over all 12 of the machines? Condor sees a 48-processor system, and sometimes schedules 4 of these processes on one machine, and none on another. I'm not even considering the possibility of exhausting local diskspace yet - I just want a more-or-less even distribution of I/O over my cluster's component I/O subsystems. Any ideas? :-)


 - Armen

Armen Babikyan
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
armenb@xxxxxxxxxx . 781-981-1796