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[Condor-users] User Usage Statistics Query

Title: User Usage Statistics Query

Hi All

I've been doing some adding up of usage stats for users by looking at both the condorview
server and the "condor_userprio -usage -allusers" command.

The numbers don't seem to tally very well.

The condor_userprio command gives numbers MUCH larger than those from adding up the
individual months from the condorview server. BTW I have been archiving the monthly condorview
stats so that they are not overwritten, along with generating and archiving each week of the year.

Our setup currently consists of 4 pools all reporting to a single condorview server. The
condor_userprio command is used with the -pool option for each pool.

Are these 2 methods actually measuring different things, or is something amiss?

I've checked some older weekly and monthly data from the condorview server and they don't
"quite" tally either. I'm guessing that this is due to the data resolution available. Am I right
in saying that the higher resolution data is lost (due to log file size limits) more quickly than
the coarse resolution data?

This may explain some of the discrepancies BUT the differences still seem large.

Condorview Server total for a user (monthly stats added together) = 3901.7 hrs

condor_userprio command for same user = 8080.28 hrs

Thanks for any help/info.



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