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[Condor-users] expectations for mixing versions in same pool

Dear Condor users,

Has anyone had any experience with mixed-version Condor pools,
i.e. pools with one group of machines at some older Condor release
(e.g. 6.7.18) and other machines at a newer release?  In particular,
should I have *any* expectation of being able to upgrade a portion
of my pool (including my controller) to release 6.8, yet have those
machines which are not yet upgraded continue to service jobs?

Comments like "You must be crazy" are fine, but please elaborate
on possible problems as much as possible.  As many of you know,
coordinating the timing of upgrades across multiple labs/depts/units
is rarely possible.

If mixing versions *is* possible, what might "mix" with a controller
(and subset of nodes) at Condor v6.8?  How about 6.7.18?  6.6.11?

Initial testing with v6.8 execute nodes on a v6.7.18 controller fail,
so I'm considering upgrading the controller.  Of course there may
be some other problem going on too.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

  --David McNabb

David McNabb
HPC and Campus Grid Initiatives
Office of Information Technology
University of Maryland