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[Condor-users] Ref: Condor Idle job state


I am facing some problem in running jobs on Condor while submitting job from Condor...

Well, I have installed condor on linux machine and configured as well.

I submit job using
$ condor_submit submit

content of 'submit' file is:

Universe = vanilla
Executable = simple
Arguments = 4 10
Log = simple.log
Output = simple.out
Error = simple.error

it is able to create simple.log, simple.out and simple.error, but no content in simple.out and simple.error


-- Submitter: sskadam-w2p.corp.cdac.in : <> : sskadam-w2p.corp.cdac.in
14.0 condor 8/5 13:50 0+00:00:00 I 0 9.8 simple2 4 10
15.0 condor 8/5 14:09 0+00:00:00 I 0 9.8 simple 4 10
16.0 condor 8/5 14:10 0+00:00:00 I 0 9.8 simple 4 10
17.0 condor 8/5 14:10 0+00:00:00 I 0 9.8 simple 4 10

4 jobs; 4 idle, 0 running, 0 held

the state is idle for several hours... with no changes,
hey can i use the machine on which the job for other purpose, or that machine has to remain idle i.e. no other work should be done !?!

Then, I realized that machine should be left idle, so i left the machine idle for few hours. To my surprise the job did executed. But what came to surprise that, whenever I query the machine, it always says that job is idle and not running.

Please tell me how should i solve the above problem, I just need job should be in run state and give the output and not remain in idle state...

hope u can help me ,