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Re: [Condor-users] How to set HOSTALLOW_WRITE and HOSTALLOW_ READ?

Try setting both to * to begin with - If everything works well then you
know that HOSTALLOW_WRITE/HOSTALLOW_READ was the problem.

Then try setting by IP address.
would be the whole x.y.z subnet.
This is the method we use as our institution owns a whole subnet.

Then you can then try
HOSTALLOW_WRITE = *.mydomain.com, *.myseconddomain.com

Hope that helps...


jianwei_wu wrote:
> Hello,I am new to Condor. I have Installed Condor on one
> machine(Windows 2000 Professional).During the installation the
> HOSTALLOW_WRITE and HOSTALLOW_READ has to be set. I don’t the real
> meaning of this and how should I set this? When I set them by DNS name
> ,the condor_store_cred add returns error: make sure the
> HOSTALLOW_WRITE include the host. Therefore when I set up the Condor
> second time I set the HOSTNAME as the HOSTALLOW_WRITE and
> HOSTALLOW_READ, then it works and the two examples work too. So I
> wonder how to set the HOSTALLOW_WRITE and HOSTALLOW_READ. What is the
> configuration files for HOSTALLOW_WRITE and HOSTALLOW_READ ?Thanks in
> advance!
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