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Re: [Condor-users] Restarting completed dag jobs does not work anymore with 6.8.0

On 8/17/06, Peter F. Couvares <pfc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I understand now, thanks.  We've actually considered supporting this
precise situation as a first-class feature (registering a "pause" in
the DAG for human intervention).

Let me talk with Kent and get back to you soon about what we might be
able to do to help replace your Rube Goldberg machine... :)

As a hack could you have a job which submitted to the scheduler
universe and waited for user input in some manner (say wrting to a log
or sending an email, whatever floats your boat) then the user can edit
some file/database etc and the 'pause' job polls this till it is happy
you made your decision (beautifully coming back to life if your
machine goes down etc) and indicates as it's return code the choice of
the user.

I'm no dagman user so this might have a hole you can drive a truck
though but it sounds roughly feasible. If the scheduler universe is
not a llowed a startd dedicated to the pause processes with a very
l;arge number of VM's would also do the trick (albeit without playing
as nice if it died)